Wednesday, October 3, 2012

SHE CAN SHOOT Helps Women Discover Their Strengths and Hidden Talents!

It is in each one of us, whether we have discovered it or not, every woman has a talent.  SHE CAN SHOOT uses firearms training and self-defense as a catalyst to help women become empowered and build confidence.  It is on this journey that each woman hopefully discovers or validates her strengths and talents.

Check out our recent SHE CAN SHOOT female student's testimony.  She discovered her hidden talent:

What kind of women shoot guns? Here is my story. I am a 62 year old grandma, a retired teacher who is now an artist, a photographer and golfer. I signed up for Tina Wilson’s Firearm Instruction class to overcome my fear of guns, to learn gun safety, and to learn how to protect myself.
When my husband took an NRA class, I was very upset to see a gun in the house and was admittedly afraid of the thing. It was my husband who found “shecan” on the internet and encouraged me to sign up for Tina’s class. I was not thrilled with the idea but felt that I needed to overcome my fear, to educate myself, and to learn how to defend myself. That was it. Period. Or so I thought.
After Tina’s instruction, the students went to the shooting range to practice what we had learned. Just the reverberations I heard from the shooting range gave me the chills (chills of intimidation, not of excitement). Tina helped me get set up in my lane. I aimed and slowly pulled the trigger. When my session ended, I flipped the switch to return my practice target. Well, what do you know. I completely shredded the “X” right out of the bulls eye. I guess I am a natural. Anyways, that is what Tina said.
When I got home I showed my husband my target practice sheet. He was in awe and could not believe it. He said, “ If there is ever a problem, I am handing you the gun”. I felt very proud of myself. But what is more important is that I have educated myself on the use of firearms and feel confident in my ability to protect myself. We are heading to the gun shop to purchase my first firearm this weekend.
So, what kind of women shoot guns? Smart, confident and empowered women. See you at the range.

Wendy Schobert

At SHE CAN SHOOT, our lessons are simple, and the results are remarkable!  Discover your hidden talent!

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